Installation of HeeksCNC on LinuxCNC (or Debian)

This installation will be an extend of my previous post about how to Installation of HeeksCAD on LinuxCNC (or Debian) where here I will explain how to install HeeksCNC, who is an addon of HeeksCAD in LinuxCNC (or Debian). The minimum requirement will be having HeeksCAD installed to install HeeksCNC. Until we start the installation, notice […]

How to use Getmail with an external MDA

Hello guys, This post comes from an issue that I have noticed in one of my Smart Hosts while I was using Getmail with an external MDA, who was delivered with Sendmail. Since I have not found anyone relating this issue I will explain first and show the solution after. Adding real users in this Smart Host, who […]

How to flash a Jiayu S3 with Flash Tools

The ROM used in this tutorial is the latest Official  Release Candidate (RC5) till this post date, with 5.1.1 Android , to Jiayu S3 who have come from Germany So this is the must stable version who have come out, made by the company. This ROM is not pre-rooted from factory. This tutorial was made […]

3D printing of a Minecraft building

Hello everyone, In this tutorial, i will explain the basics of programs and websites that you will need to accomplish a sucessful 3d printing of a minecraft building or part of a world, into several steps. I want to print this building(in my case it was a Portuguese monument located in Lisbon, called Mosteiro dos Jerónimos): […]