Installation of HeeksCNC on LinuxCNC (or Debian)

This installation will be an extend of my previous post about how to Installation of HeeksCAD on LinuxCNC (or Debian) where here I will explain how to install HeeksCNC, who is an addon of HeeksCAD in LinuxCNC (or Debian). The minimum requirement will be having HeeksCAD installed to install HeeksCNC.

Until we start the installation, notice that each compilation can take few minutes to several hours, depending on your hardware.

Choose a folder in your system(e.g. /home/foo/Downloads) and navigate to that folder, to download and compile, OpenCAMlib,

git clone 


cd opencamlib 

now pull packaging branch to debian folder doing,

bzr branch lp:~neomilium/opencamlib/packaging debian

after that install libboost-system-dev,

sudo apt-get install libboost-system-dev

now its time to compile doing,

dpkg-buildpackage -b -us -uc 

as I have mentioned before in HeeksCAD installation, if the compilation was not successfull don’t panic(!), during the non successfull compile, you will have a reference in the end with the missing dependecie that you need to install, and to do that you should just do,

sudo apt-get install add_here_the_dependecie_name

and compile again, now you should be able to do that, unless you have more missing dependencies in your system, in that case repeat the dependecie install part.

Now go up in directory tree,

cd ..

and install python-ocl, doing,

sudo dpkg -i python-ocl*.deb

and now, install HeeksCNC,

sudo dpkg -i heekscnc*.deb

After this, open HeeksCAD, go to Window and choose HeeksCNC and you will see a new toolbar from that addon:

Screenshot - 02212018 - 12_34_19 PM _2

Note: HeeksCAD was installed in a Debian 3.4.55-4 LinuxCNC i836.

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