3D printing of a Minecraft building

Hello everyone,

In this tutorial, i will explain the basics of programs and websites that you will need to accomplish a sucessful 3d printing of a minecraft building or part of a world, into several steps.

I want to print this building(in my case it was a Portuguese monument located in Lisbon, called Mosteiro dos Jerónimos):

First of all you will need to download your world map, and then those programs:

Now, you must unzip Mineways and execute the program. Then in Mineways program, you must go to File>>Open and choose the folder where you have you world map, and open the level.dat. If your world is to big dont be surprised if it takes a bit longer to load the map in program. Then you will see something similiar to this:


Now you must navigate in your map till you choose the building that you want to print. Then you must use the right botton of your mouse to select the area that you want to print. It will be selected in the pink area. After you select it, you can resize the edges of the area, so dont worry. If you receive any message about depth just say yes to skip it. It is supposed to be like this:


After you select the area you will have to define the lower depth till you find the minimal necessary (like 3 blocks to use as a building base), so you can avoid spending to much material. Notice that while you are setting the lower depth you will see the selected area reacting. The max height is not important.

Now that you have selected your area, you will have to go to File>>Export to 3D Printing and save it as *.stl, and then will happear a window to configure all the important features about the convertion from your virtual building to a real 3D building, like this one here:


The option 1, will give you the object with just one color, who is the best way to have a perception of how it will be when printed (In meanwhile printing there is only one color, but if you have a professional printer with RGB colors, then you must choose one of the two options below of this one).

In options, 2, 3, 4 and 5, will help you to get a good model to print, reducing the probability of having trouble while printing.

Within option 6 and 7, you must choose a metric unit and then give a size for each block. I recomend you to do some math, to know the real resolution of your building in function of the plate size of your 3D printer.

After doing all of this, you must press Ok and then will generate your 3D object. In my case i generated my building in two objects, because it was a large building, and the plate was not big enough. Here you will see both parts that i have printed, and a completed one (here i have used the 3D Builder from Windows 10):

Then, i tried to print both parts of the building, and notice that there was errors in the file (the console of my printer report several errors, dont know why), so i upload both left and right part here. After this i notice that the errors disappeared, and voilá, i got my virtual builing that i have made with my friends in my server, in real life (i have also amplified both parts in 1.5x in my printer):


Details about this printing: Both parts was prepared with 1 mm per block, each part had 15cms, and after the amplification, i made each part with 20cms. I have printed the right part first, and the nozzle was not in best shape so i get some caramelized parts, and didnt use a isolator in the plate so i get those edges. On the left, i change the nozzle and put some isolator in the plate. The left part was printed more quickly then the right part, and both parts used 10 meters of strip.

This project was printed by Tiago Almeida and sended by mail, if you want to print your Minecraft buildings, or other kind of Minecraft non-related stuff, just send him a mail to: tiagojbalmeida@gmail.com

Tip: If you need to convert any file to other formats, i advise you to use this powerful website here.

If you want, i have upload a video in youtube (is in Portuguese but there you can see it better):




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